30 Day Enoughness Challenge Day 1

Day 1

Let me start by saying that this feels very vulnerable, but also, that knowing I committed to going through with this online helped me during the day.

I did use my mantra, and to the great satisfaction of my perfectionist side more than once 😉 What’s more important, I was able to not just say it but also to say it in situations when I actually felt not enough. So that’s a really great gain!

I also did the 10 Breaths for Happiness – once 🙂 I didn’t really come across many things today that I enjoyed. I am sure practice helps with that. One thing I can always enjoy is my dog, so I decided to take 10 conscious breath while being aware of the joy she brings into my life. That felt very vulnerable! I had to think of Brené Brown’s vulnerability armor. One piece is “Foreboding Joy”. When I first read about that concept in her book “Daring Greatly”, I was actually relieved. I had been aware of that mechanism but I had never heard anybody talk about it as a way of trying to avoid vulnerability (which is uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure). But it made perfect 😉 sense to me and it was good to know that I am not alone with this.

By the way, if anybody feels moved to join me in my enoughness challenge, I would be happy to hear from you how you are doing and what you experience.

That’s it for today, see you tomorrow!